Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bitcoin Prices -Bitcoin value

Cryptocurrency is the new global money.  When compared to flat currency - bills and coins - it seems more difficult to fathom.  However, when you understand the concept of markets and trade, it becomes a bit easier.  The price of anything is usually determined by what someone will pay for it at the time of a transaction.  The value of flat currency - dollars in the US, pounds in Great Britain, stays fairly constant in the short-term.  But it does change when the banks - which control currency transactions - buy and sell dollars on open international markets.

And we know that global economic forces like the threat of war or weather affect the value of currency (and also the stock exchanges and markets).

The good news is that cryptocurrency - also called bitcoin in many circles - continues to develop worldwide and many people prefer its person-to-person transaction scheme.The bad news is that much of its use is for illegal activities like drug trading and gambling.  So the importance of regulation might be a deciding factor to whether or not it fits into your investment or financial transaction plans.  Here's a source for determining prices and the value of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Prices - Bitcoin value

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Sunday, October 29, 2017


If you are over 60 and grew up in the US, you might want to share this with your kids.  Its a post on the Facebook page of a former high school classmate:

Looking Back

Reminiscing is fun to do and sometimes lessens the sharp reality of today!

Thanks to all those who recall

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trews vs. fake news

What is trews?

noun | trews | \'trooz,\
Definition of trews
plural trews
collective noun

1  : true news.  News that is true rather than false or fake
2  : Not fake news;  unbiased news
3  : News that has been validated by more than one trustworthy source
4  : Trews (Truis or Triubhas) are men's clothing for the legs and lower abdomen

antonym:  fake news, false news

Maybe we need a more dependable word for reliable, unbiased news.  And perhaps it might be a good idea to demand more than one validated neutral source.

Just an idea.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

FYI - History of the iPhone

Great change of pace from political insanity and all the goings on in real and fake news these days.  Nostalgic look back over the last 10 years of the iPhone.  And Apple users and investors can revel in the success. 

History of the iPhone

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Russian visitors to Closet to Cloud

In this era of fake news, lies, and innuendo, I've noticed in the past couple of months that the most frequent and consistent visitors from Russia have mysteriously disappeared.  Closet to Cloud has covered many topics, most of which have had some relationship to privacy, encryption, and issues like the US Fourth Amendment.

I may be stretching here, but could it be that the almost obsessive treatment of Russian hacking and cyber manipulation in the US Press has drive them away.  Or could it be that those issues are no longer important to Russian visitors.

At any rate, I'd love to hear a few opinions - or even facts (the truth maybe) about these things.

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