Friday, January 12, 2018

Warren Buffet weighs in on Bitcoin

Buffet says, "Crypto currencies will end badly".  Old time investors like Buffet have seen so many of the bubbles and busts of the financial markets over the years that he certainly has a cool-minded perspective about the current rage.  Whether the current crop of young investors and speculators will believe him is another matter entirely.

We'll see.

Buffet on crypto currency

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Beginning Look at Financial Markets

Found this basic youtube video that explains how financial markets work.  Obviously this is for the uninitiated, so apologies if your understanding is more sophisticated.

How Financial Markets Work

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Closet to Cloud

Where on earth (or in the sky) did the title "Closet to Cloud"come from?

I first heard the term "Cloud"at a tech conference in 2009.  As a working tech professional, I was familiar with the term "data closet" because many of our SMB clients had their back end infrastructure resources in a closet rather than a data center.

The notion that these resources could be relocated into the "Cloud" was first being suggested then.  Obviously, it has caught on and we now have living proof that much of our infrastructure  - especially our back end systems - has indeed moved to the cloud.

So Closet to Cloud celebrates this movement and underscores its importance in the continuing development of global information flow.

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Bitcoin Scam?

Recent experience leads me to believe that many current Bitcoin opportunities may not be what the seem.  This consumer suggests caution when getting involved in anything that seems too good to be true.  When we consider that the current US return on bank deposits is in the 2% range, then "guaranteed" returns of 1% PER DAY seem a bit suspicious.

Beware Bitcoin Scams

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bitcoin Prices -Bitcoin value

Cryptocurrency is the new global money.  When compared to flat currency - bills and coins - it seems more difficult to fathom.  However, when you understand the concept of markets and trade, it becomes a bit easier.  The price of anything is usually determined by what someone will pay for it at the time of a transaction.  The value of flat currency - dollars in the US, pounds in Great Britain, stays fairly constant in the short-term.  But it does change when the banks - which control currency transactions - buy and sell dollars on open international markets.

And we know that global economic forces like the threat of war or weather affect the value of currency (and also the stock exchanges and markets).

The good news is that cryptocurrency - also called bitcoin in many circles - continues to develop worldwide and many people prefer its person-to-person transaction scheme.The bad news is that much of its use is for illegal activities like drug trading and gambling.  So the importance of regulation might be a deciding factor to whether or not it fits into your investment or financial transaction plans.  Here's a source for determining prices and the value of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Prices - Bitcoin value

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