Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Cloud" from 50,000 feet

Step back (or rise above) all the cloud chatter that goes on daily in social media and you'll notice that the terminology shifts in technology are a forecast of things to come.  Predicting how quickly they evolve is always a challenge, but there are a few things that we already know:  In 2000 in was the "Internet";  now its the "cloud".  In 2000 we had desktop PCs and some very expensive laptops; now we have inexpensive netbooks and newer, slightly more expensive tablets and PDAs and smartphones that double as tiny desktops.  In 2000 we "browsed" the Internet in search of things we sought;  now things are automatically delivered directly to us based on a consumer/interest profile that is generated from the accumulated historical data trail we willingly leave behind when we facebook, twitter, email, and browse.  The Times They are a-Changing!

These seemingly random events are conspiring to develop a high-velocity information infrastructure that many of us can't even comprehend in its entirety.  But we do know that when a disaster strikes or a revolution foments, we either know about it instantly - or learn that some huge company or dictator has taken rapid steps to manipulate the information or control its flow.  And many of us already have acquired the tools that deliver the information, news, pictures, videos, that have increased the velocity of change worldwide.  We don't seem to care that with this spontaneity comes a variety of new challenges and problems to our values, practices, and privacy.

What we do know today is that most of us want to participate and belong to this movement.  And its not just us, its our fellows throughout the world in Egypt, China, and India as well.

Coming soon.  Some predictions about commerce, legislation, politics, and technology as well.
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