Friday, May 25, 2012

Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast, Ustream.TV

VN - or Visual Networking as  it has now been labelled - is probably more Cisco hype than bursting on to the general technology scene right now.  This technologist is reminded on the days - years ago - when "slow scan", video conferencing, videophone, and early motion technologies were introduced.  There was lots of buzz, but each of them eventually were relegated into niches supported, mainly, by Fortune 50 companies who could justify the cost and ridiculous ROI.  Even the posting of Ustream content and additional Ustream sessions seems curious.  Its just that laboring through any real-time video session, or even one that has been edited, can be difficult whenever I'm trying to get to more information more quickly.  After all, thats why Gutenberg invented the printing press rather than the HD camera, isn't it.

Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast, Ustream.TV: Join Cisco and industry leaders to review and discuss the latest findings from Cisco’s annual study of ...
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