Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do Words Typed Mean as Much as Words Spoken?

Here's a classic example of why we tell our Internet using offspring to be careful about what they post and how free they are about displaying examples of their character to impress their friends or just vent.  The Internet may be free and open, but citizens of the world have shared common decency and courtesy practices for centuries, freedom of speech notwithstanding.  The United States, especially, is a country where we literally wear our values on our sleeve, so to speak.  That's one thing.  Its another to write them down and post them for posterity.  No wonder those US President's libraries take so long to fill with documents.  Either the former Presidents, heirs, or or their foundation executives are deciding what is and what is not appropriate for release.   

On the Social Web, Do Words Typed Mean as Much as Words Spoken? | Digital Pivot
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