Friday, May 11, 2012

Facebook Groups for Schools - BOUNDARIES!

Now here is a really GREAT idea.  Facebook sharing for schools.  Its hard enough to teach young people the fact that there may need to be boundaries between their private and public lives.  Or is Facebook the new "parent" modeling the kinds of behavior we want to foster among our offspring.  Boundaries are an important concept for all young people - and adults - to develop.  Of course there will be privacy options embedded in the fine print of the user settings, but thus far, Facebook hasn't developed much of a reputation for privacy and identity protection.  Let's hope they can do better with their foray into education.

Social Media isn't doing much of a job to help with this, whatever and wherever it may eventually wind up for a democratic culture.

Stay Tuned!

Facebook Expanding File Sharing Across Groups | News & Opinion |
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