Thursday, May 31, 2012

How NFC Will Be Involved in Your Life

Watch for the growth in the US especially of near field communication (NFC in acronym form).  Basically a short range - up to a foot or two in fact - means of connecting your phone or smart device to a vending machine, point of purchase device (like a supermarket card swiper), or freeway toll collector.  If it takes off, it will spell the death of the US penny (maybe) and continue to drive financial transations further paperless and coinless.  However NFC is another of those tricky technologies that will have to be embraced by people themselves, not just the infrastructure leaders behind it.  If you like to buy your hot dogs on the street or shop weekend garage sales or throw coins in the fountain, dig in your heels!

Great Infographic: How NFC Will Be Involved in Your Life | NFC Mobile Payment Industry News Blog
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