Monday, May 14, 2012

Is There a Future for Laptops?

The real question is deciding whether to buy a tablet or a laptop.  It kinds like the 2012 opportunity to by an all-electric automobile.  If your trip is less than 50 miles or if you drive less than 100 miles in a day, the the all-electric is a no brainer.  If you need to be "productive" at Starbucks or if you are doing complex multitasks, then you must have a laptop (or PC/Mac).  I'm waiting to see a commercial where someone pits a tablet against a Laptop for multitasking.  It will probably be like the hot-dog eating contests.  I've never considered eating more than two hot-dogs at a sitting.  Have you?  Enough mixed metaphors for one day!

Is There a Future for Laptops? | Tim Bajarin |
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