Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Security Isn't A BYOD Showstopper

Employees who think for one minute that their Facebook accounts and YouTube videos are more important than their company's strategic information or productivity are DELUDED.  Most enterprise HR policies make what happens within the connected enterprise "private company information" that is protected by policy and the law, at least in the United States.  So, go ahead and bring your smartphone or tablet to work, but don't be surprised if your supervisor or IT department guy challenges its use and provides guidance (gently) or rules (harshly) regarding its use, what you can and can't connect to, and other means for protecting company assets.  Last time I checked, more than 50% of Intellectual Property breaches came from within company walls (speaking IT security walls here. 

Why Security Isn't A BYOD Showstopper - Global-cio - Executive insights/interviews - Informationweek
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