Friday, June 1, 2012

Apple Is Destroying Android In Mobile Web Usage

OK!  The gloves are now off.  To suggest that bandwidth usage is a measure of anything significant is ridiculous! What we want - what we've always wanted - is access to technology, information, and resources.  To suggest that watching streaming video - THE bandwidth hog - is more important than just getting information is stupid, in my view.  OK you don't have the time to get back to your DVR at home.  Check out brain research and studies of intelligence - one measure of competence by the way - and folks whose brains are decoding something - usually words and symbols - and you'll get one measure of value.  Bandwidth just isn't in the equation - at least today.  If we find out that watching YouTube is a measure of competence or value then we'll have something to bring forward.  I'm done!

Apple Is Destroying Android In Mobile Web Usage--Which Begs Question: Who Uses Android? - Business Insider
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