Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Verizon’s Uppernet Demystifies Cloud Computing

Yes Virginia, the Uppernet Ad is clever.  Whether it demystifies The Cloud is a matter for discussion or argument however.  The average consumer, for instance, probably thinks that the cloud is fluffy.  Many Enterprise IT Pros, however, already know that Cloud Services of many flavors and from many vendors already have been well developed by a host of well-known companies.  Kudos to Verizon for wanting their fair share of this business.  Time will tell whether or not they can actually deliver on it.  Because of their large customer base and national footprint they already have built an impressive infrastructure.  Their acquisition of data center company Terremark is another strategic move that will assist their ability to succeed.

Stay Tuned!

Verizon’s Uppernet Demystifies Cloud Computing « AdBeat
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