Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Can't Record The Olympics?

Oh No!  My DVR doesn't have enough storage to record all my wife's shows AND 10-12 hours of the 2012 Olympics in high definition.

Whatever shall I do?

Pride in our country IS important, as is access to global events - like the Olympics.

Technology has some limitations - Agreed?

We of the technology bent struggle with these problems every day and must plan accordingly.  We've also learned that the price for all that reserve capacity is much more expensive than what's required normally.

The poor fan who called into the sports talk radio station to bemoan his Olympic fate is really out of luck, unless he wants to mod the leased DVR that is installed at his place, void the warranty, technical support, and have it his way.

For those so inclined, there are dozens of posts, interest groups, open source gurus, etc. just waiting to hear from you and include your point of view in the conversation about the limits of technology and what is ahead for us.

Stay Tuned!
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