Saturday, July 21, 2012

Will Instagram become a more effective marketing tool than Facebook?

The point is that we don't yet know what will or won't become an effective marketing tool because Facebook's first public company quarter financial results have yet to be released (next week if memory serves) and everybody loves to speculate about social media that have yet to accomplish anything significant besides attract users and followers.  (We usually forget that its all for free)

If the social media track record thus far is any indication, we are still waiting for an event or a sign of something more significant than what I had for lunch today.

Yes, we have the technology and capability but much of it is only replacing former media.  We've had phones and TVs and books and newspapers.  Now its computers and smartphones and Kindles.  The information and entertainment content is still much the same.  Its only the delivery mechanism, time shifting schemes like DVRs, and the insane investment in new commercial outlets (most providing content for free) that are different.  Unless I'm deluded and truly missing out on sharing with the world - through my $289 Motorola Razr, my $199 Kindle Fire, or my $900 Thinkpad - the fact that I bought my son a birthday present today or that I had Jack In the Box breakfast platter this morning with bacon AND sausage.

The real difference IMHO will be in things that are more transformational - that launch society into a new dimension of joy, success, peace, happiness, harmony, productivity, or one of the more positive attributes that we use to describe progress.  Otherwise it all seems like senseless navel gazing that's going nowhere.

I suspect I may have to wait awhile for the answer to the above question as well.

Will Instagram become a more effective marketing tool than Facebook? |
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