Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apple Samsung Suit

Now that the smoke seems to have cleared a bit from the Apple vs Samsung "strategy by lawsuit" flap, here's my biased opinion about Apple and Samsung. Biased, I said.

Apple seems greedy - to me - especially in the face of a technology universe where "open source" and the sharing of intellectual capital abounds.  They're so arrogant to think their technology is better.  Of course its better when they have all the money in the universe to work with.  Whatever happened to technology for the masses anyway?

Samsung.  I was given a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone for Christmas 2011 by my wife and children.  I didn't hint that I wanted Samsung or even cared.  It just wound up under the Christmas tree.  So I sold my year-old Droid-X and embraced, yes, embraced the latest and greatest Samsung phone.  What a bust.  It was awful.  Not ready for ICS.  Had to remember to turn down the volume just to call voice mail.  And the battery life?  Don't get me started.  Then it only took a quick call to Verizon to solve that problem - a Motorola Razr.  Happiness.

I'm not bashing anyone mind you.  I'm just fed up with all the posturing, huffing, and puffing.  And over what?  Market share?  Technology awards?  All this in a technology arena that refreshes at least yearly and for a public who doesn't really matter who provides it. 

Remember Palm? Blackberry?  Who?
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