Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cloud Computing: Piracy Killer Or New Infringement Avenue?

The winds of change are blowing - across the wild west of 21st Century computing.  The missing topic in the discussion is transition management - that is how do companies plan and predict the shift from shrink wrap software to subscription SaaSware.

This blogger has yet to read anything published recently that provides metrics or predictability of the number of users who will make the change gracefully, or who will hold on to the bitter end.

For instance, bundling or previewing software on a new PC added a huge boost to a variety of applications including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office, antivirus software, a variety of media players,  Adobe reader, and a host of "tranditional" computing products.

The current inclusion of "free" trial apps for download from the Apple, Amazon, or Google stores is a similar current practice.

But will folks fork out a recurring monthly charge for a subscription?

We'd love to hear your opinion or see some statistics or predictions.


Cloud Computing: Piracy Killer Or New Infringement Avenue?
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