Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forbes Likens Instagram Purchase To Myspace Deal

This may very well be another winner of 2012s "Fluff" awards.  remember The Cloud is Huge" but often fluffy.  By that I mean that we're faced with an enormous economic, social, and financial opportunity for Cloud Computer, but so many of the activities and transactions are frivolous and silly IMHO (In my honest opinion)

But we need to be careful since a few of these seemingly senseless services are, in fact, the backbone for new ways of communicating or interacting with our fellows around the world.

The trick is figuring out which is which, and popularity is a poor measure, again IMHO.  So what to do?  I like to apply the fad or trend test.  If its instantly "hot" beware.  If it starts slow and then builds incrementally to adoption and full distribution, then theres a good chance that its important and here to stay.

Instagram?  I still believe that getting the photos we take on our phones to our relatives and friends is important. But will Instagram technology win the day or will it be someone else eventually.  Like My Space, you just never know unless you watch closely.

Forbes Likens Instagram Purchase To Myspace Deal - Slashdot
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