Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hunger Games - The End to Reality TV

Finally a spoof - serious or not - of reality television gets to the Big Screen.

I won't spoil the plot - it only hit DVD release yesterday - but its great to see that a televison writer Suzanne Collins and her screen co-author Gary Ross found the saturation of reality TV extreme enough to use it as a framework for serious drama.

The lines between  real-life adventure and contrived mock reality are blurred so much that the next time I head out to Yosemite for camping, I'm going to look-up into the tall trees for hidden cameras, microphones, and speakers.

I certainly hope that with this Hollywood film, we'll begin to see the folly of our obsession with reality TV.

And how any of this relates to the hugeness (or fluffiness) of the Cloud is purely fiction!
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