Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Do Not Track: has Microsoft outwitted competitors

Do Not Track continues to be important to those of us who at least want the option to "opt-in" for tracking.  Our position is that there are benefits AND drawbacks to customized web experience for users.

For instance:  In the upcoming Presdential election, there are two major party candidates, Obama and Romney, with two extremely different points of view, philosophy, and rhetoric.  Under "Do-not-track" I will be able to view most complex websites and Internet information neutrally, without any attempt to load content tailored for "my" point of view.  With tracking, my historical Internet browsing - toward one candidate, persuasion, or editorial bias - would be analyzed and reported, then sold to one camp or another.  Then that point if view would be contained in customized content appearing on my browser or in suggestions or ads.  I wouldn't be given much, if any, of the opposing point of view.  Creepy!


Do Not Track: has Microsoft outwitted competitors Google and Facebook? | Naked Security
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