Monday, August 27, 2012

Postini Competitors Go After Google's Customers

Oh No!  Traditional email as we have known it may go away!

How many of you really care?  Whether its client/server email (POP, IMAP) or webmail, most of us probably don't really understand or care about the differences.

Here's my take on it all.

We know that Gmail is, for the most part, webmail.  You load it on your browser and some mysterious force at Google filters out most of the spam and other innocuous stuff that we don't want anyway.  Well, that "force" may no longer be Postini. Email filtering systems like Postini usually block up to 95% of your inbound email.  That's right 95% is stuff you don't want grandma to see.

If you "pull" non-google mail to your smartphone or tablet or use a "push" mail system, you'll still want your mail host to filter out all the unwanted messages.  And you want the same capability on grandma's mobile device.

It sounds like an opportunity for new players in the filtering space.  That is if email survives as an independent entity.  Otherwise Social Media systems will need to embed messaging into their services.  It also looks like a new opportunity for the bad guys AND new filtering services to handle them.

The beat goes on!

Postini Competitors Go After Google's Customers | PCWorld
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