Monday, August 13, 2012

Store Backup Data in the Cloud - Cheap!

No, this isn't a come-on or a sleazy attempt to start selling stuff with the blog.

I've posted it as an example of how far we've come.  I was selling backup storage in the cloud five years ago for $5 a gig per month.  There were some value added services like software that automated the transfer of customer data to the cloud storage provider.

No that we are able to get any data off our systems and to the cloud, where do we go from here?  Those of you who already think this is very cool, please consider a couple of things:

Getting it there takes a lot more time than saving the same data on your own hardware or attached storage alternative.

Getting it back also takes a lot more time than retrieving it locally.

Why is this important?  We'll, if you have an actual disaster, some or all of what you've moved off-site might be required on your system at your location.

Just a little food for thought!

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