Monday, August 27, 2012

Techno Mom

I've been involved in technology of one sort of another for more than 50 years.  I've seen many transformations of culture, economics, and globalism that have led us to our current state of technological confusion.

What's confusing is that consumers, especially, and enterprises to a lesser extent, must make technology decisions from a series of moving targets.  These were best predicted (and explained) by Intel Founder Gordon Moore's Law:  That the number of transistors on  chip would double every two years.

Of course he was only suggesting that the power of computing technology would double over this period.  In and of itself, that was probably a vague predictor of the actual impact of such change on society.  At the time, he probably didn't fully comprehend the impact that the microprocessor would have on everything, including the shrinking of the Globe, advances in medicine, communications, and SOCIAL MEDIA.  You see, computers in those days were scientific instruments, not gadgets that could be worn on the wrist or carried in a purse or pocket.

All this rapid change has led us to the Cloud (or the new moniker for the Internet).  The computer (and all its derivative devices - servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, switches, firewalls) continue to evolve at breakneck speed to provide the platforms and fabric for an unpredictably complex infrastructure that will change before we can fully understand its effect on us.

Fast forward to my living room (or patio, bedroom,automobile) on the weekend in this case.  There she sits (my wife of 30 years) with her iPhone in one hand and finger of the other doing all those "scientific" things that Moore predicted:

Playing Words With Friends with three people simultaneously
Checking Facebook posts from friends and family
Checking her bank account balance
Playing Sudoku by herself when tired of Words
Taking a call from San Francisco son.
Not taking a call from an unlisted number
Responding to audio alerts of the Earthquakes in Brawley (cluster quakes they are called) - now this is sort of scientific.
And all the while watching Criminal Minds re-runs

Whats it mean?  I don't really know. I've blogged about all the fluff in the Cloud.  But what I'm beginning to suspect is that Techno Mom is probably where its at technologically.  At least for now.

I may be the dinosaur.
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