Thursday, August 2, 2012

The latest mobile security threat

NFC (Near Field Communication) features on new smartphones pose yet another security risk, especially at companies where BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is permitted.

Remember the days when we first got Bluetooth and then WiFi in the enterprise. We suddenly had to plug additional security challenges that weren't protected by physical security.  We had folks cruising our parking lots and premises with SPID detectors trying to break into our networks.  Then we had other folks sitting nearby at Starbucks and at airports with Bluetooth devices trying to suck the data out of our laptops and smartphones.

Oh!  This never happened to you?  Did you ever know?  Because a bell doesn't go off.  The data just gets lost.  Spooky, huh!

Well, NFC is newer technology that again provides cool connectivity between your device and, say, a soft drink machine or other receiving device that is located close to your device.  But it can be compromised again by a perpetrator, not an innocent colleague.

So.  Be careful.  Its a jungle out there in the Wild Wild West.  (Is that a mixed metaphor?)

The latest mobile security threat: NFC hacking
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