Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS 6 Upgrade Has Its Share of Troubles

Sounds like business as usual to this Tech Pro.  And lets be kind to Apple today.

When has any major upgrade gone well for anybody? 

Whenever I do any download from a major company site of any worth, the progress bar always logs embarrassingly slow throughput rates, and estimate of 2-3 hours, and I go get a cup of coffee.  Then, magically it finishes a couple of minutes later.  Thats normal in my estimation.

Phone upgrades, especially those that come without warning (Samsung and Google), are usually a bit confounding, especially when the result is a major upgrade and the user interface changes completely like Android Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.

So what?

Thanks to Chris Taylor and Mashable
iOS 6 Upgrade Has Its Share of Troubles
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