Friday, September 28, 2012

iPad replace POS at Urban Outfitters!

Another reason The Cloud Is Huge!

The Death of POS as we know it.  That's Point of Sale for the uninitiated as in cash registers.  And I am appalled to learn that the iPad is 1/5, yes 1/5 the cost of a POS device!

Just in time for new hires and new jobs, we now need training for all those new iPad users.  But maybe not, because many of the recent college grads who already had iPads at school now can leverage those skills in retail. When did you ever think that iPad skill would get you your first job after college at Urban Outfitters.

Kudos to Apple for field testing the Apple POS in their own Apple stores.


The End of the Cash Register? Urban Outfitters Will Ring You Up With iPads - Megan Garber - The Atlantic
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