Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why cellphone addiction is now on the rehab menu

Nomophobia.  That's the new term for mobile device addiction and its serious stuff - even life threatening.

For the uninitiated and, potentially, those of you who may be in denial, nomophobia is the fear of losing or not having constant contact with your smartphone or mobile device.  And it seems there are a lot of us who have caught it.

When we speak on the phone in the bathroom or hold the phone in our right hand (in the US) while driving, or freak out when we cant find our phone and don't have someone in the house to call it so we can hear its plaintive cries for help - we're addicted.  Yes Addicted.

And then there was the day when I "awoke" from a phone blackout after speaking for about ten minutes on my hands-free bluetooth device in my car.  I was shocked to realize I couldn't remember when I got on the freeway.  The lapse involved two traffic lights, a metered freeway on ramp and about 6 miles of six-lane morning rush-hour traffic.


Thanks to Dr. Keith Ablow and Fox News
Why cellphone addiction is now on the rehab menu | Fox News
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