Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Android Has Eaten A Huge Chunk Of The Tablet Market

Even though this Business Insider poster is surprised I am not.  Even though I happen to own and use a Kindle Fire - and refuse to spend $700 on an iPad - history will tell the ultimate story of the adoption and eventual saturation of technology in the 21st Century.

After more than a year of tablet use on my side of the discussion here's what I know today:

The tablet is one, limited computing device that does many things well, but which is still evolving as THE computing platform of choice.

I still carry and need a smartphone.  telephony and texting - the two most pervasive communication activities are rediculous - if not silly - when attempted from a tablet.

My wife no longer uses the 10" Android tablet I bought her last Christmas.  It sits in our bedroom with the  large clock dimmed - an expensive clock.

I still use and occasionally carry a laptop.  Its still more of a computer and I still require its storage capability and enjoy the fact that IT DOESN'T NEED TO CONNECT TO ANYTHING to be extremely useful.  I can even watch a DVD without a real-time Internet connection.

I resent the duplicity and overlap of services currently that require many of us to pay for overlapping and redundant services in order to be productive.  I pay for Cable, Mobile, mobile wifi, just to be able to connect - when I need to.

You got me started.  Apologies!

Thanks to Fred Wilson and Business Insider
Android Has Eaten A Huge Chunk Of The Tablet Market - Business Insider
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