Sunday, October 7, 2012

iCloud 101: Find My Friends app gets iOS 6 update

Either the following post/link was written by an alien or else the "find my friends" feature of iCloud is the stupidest  thing I've ever heard of..  And lets please give the benefit of the doubt to all sides just in case I've lapsed into a coma.

Why would anyone want their closest friends and relatives to be able to locate them AT ALL TIMES?  Yes, I understand the problems we constantly have with lost children and seniors.  And I get the idea of judges wanting to "cuff" and locate sex offenders or felons in need of "tracking".

The only possible answer is that the social media revolution has brought us to an age of "New Transparency", the likes of which has never been seen.

Just play along, please!

This is also the terrorist age, remember.  So were going to have one group of citizens - iPhone6 owners WHO WANT TO BE physically tracked, and another group - terrorists - who hide from us and who we must search for.  Conclusion, I guess, is that terrorists won't buy iPhones.

But taken a step further, it becomes the Great 21st Century Catch-22.  If you won't let your friends follow you, there's something wrong or you might be suspected of being a terrorist.  If you do, you've given up all your freedom in the interests of "transparency". 

If this all seems like nonsense, I apologize.  But I just don't get it.

Thanks to Geoffrey Goetz and Gigaom
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