Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obstacles on VMware's Cloud Roadmap

Who is going to handle the SMBs in the Cloud?  Not VMWare according to this GREAT post from Jeff Vance.  He's got his fingers on the pulse of Cloud services development and it sounds like there's truly a management problem with the proliferation of PaaS - Platform as a service.  And VMWare technology - read that hypervisor - is at the core of the offerings.

But they need to clarify their pricing models - from the days of hardware virtualization into the future thrust of network virtualization and beyond.

Utility Computing and Subscriptions have arrived.  Sounds a bit like the early days of the phone company (remember Bell).


 “Instead of solving the management problem, they created a management nightmare. Moreover, most of these tools focus on collecting data – a lot of detailed data – that could be used to alert administrators and generate reports,” Kliger said. “Not only does the collected data not solve anything, but it creates a whole new problem: a Big Data problem.”

Thanks to Jeff Vance and Datamation
Obstacles on VMware's Cloud Roadmap - Datamation
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