Saturday, October 6, 2012

Starbucks adopts Square wireless wallet - More end to POS

And now Starbucks jumps on the "kill the POS" bandwagon.  (again, as in cash register)

For the uninitiated, a couple of years ago Square created a cute little device that plugs into the audio port of your smartphone.  It lets the smartphone act as a credit card reader and sends the data to the company merchant system.  It also makes a newer "wireless wallet" which will most likely integrate with the iPhone passport and other personal Apps and technology that will be imbedded in your mobile device. 

Here's mine,

 Its the cute little white gadget plugged into the audio port of my wife's iPhone.

Now the big question that remains is whether the iPhones or Android Smartphones that the Barrista's use for the transactions will be BYOD devices or company owned.  And will they use the store WiFi or some more secure transaction system?

All these revolutionary uses of consumer technology are such a challenge to businesses!  But this is the future NOW.

So get ready for a whole new round of identity, security, and privacy challenges.

Thanks to Ed Oswald and TechHive
Starbucks adopts Square wireless wallet | TechHive
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