Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Future of Successful Business Means Scaling Empathy

Fascinating stuff, this.  Scaling Empathy - a new term for this Tech pro.  Probably means getting to know you.  Getting to know what you like, what you do.  Sounds a lot like market research.

In the old days, we brought some folks into a room, asked them questions, showed them stuff, got their opinions, and then drew conclusions.  The End was the marketing strategy.  The means was a focus group or another less direct approach to information gathering.

Fast forward.  Now we have tracking and one result of tracking, Big Data.  The end is the same, selling things more successfully.  But the means has changed radically.  Now it may have become invasion of privacy, or spurious digital activity.

Do we care?  The jury is sgtill out on that one.

Good article, though.

Thanks to Adam Helweh and Customer Personas
The Future of Successful Business Means Scaling Empathy - Part 1 - Customer Personas
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