Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Tablet Hits the C-Suite of Corporations

 Finally, a purpose for the tablet!  IT Department:  Get one for the CEO!  It's a match made in heaven.

For years, the great challenge for the IT group was to deliver business intelligence to decision-makers OR in many cases their assistants.  So the technical savvy was in the hands of the admin and there was always a gap between the crunch of the numbers, the graphing and charting, and the PowerPoint that may have resulted and carefully been placed in the hands of the CEO.

To this technology pro, the tablet has always been a bit lean to really get the job done.  But when you factor in the resources required to get business intelligence into the C-Suite and then back out to constituents or stakeholders, then the tablet becomes the perfect choice.

And the tablet of choice:  The iPad.

Yes, I said it, the iPad.  No self-respecting CEO of a company of any worth would be caught dead with one of those cheap, tacky android tablets.  No way.  They just don't look expensive enough on the leather seat of the Mercedes or Panamera.

And as long as the information that the admins create - lives in the cloud, at Google or on the company portal - is browser based, then there are few if any problems at all.

No Excel and macros OR heaven forbid, Visual Basic.
No Word styles or incompatible fonts
No docx or xlsx files
No security problems.
No clunky OS updates

We've died and gone to heaven.

And even email will die a slow and painful death until most written communication will exist in Google Circles or some better flavor of Facebook.

Did I say that?

Thanks to Lucas Mearian and ComputerWorld
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