Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can Meg Whitman Reverse Hewlett-Packard's Free Fall?

Can Meg Whitman Reverse Hewlett-Packard's Free Fall? - Businessweek

We continue to follow the trials and tribulations of one of tech's darling companies, at least in the estimate of this tech pro.  They were a mainstay for such a long time.  Their financial woes are daunting, but companies like this have always had a way of getting through the tough times.  IBM is the best example, and the original typewriter giants continue to grow and adapt to changing market conditions.

The good news is that Meg Whitman had a relatively successful run with new media company eBay and should be able to bridge the gap between infrastructure and applications, analog and digital, and the gulf between selling things (ink and toner cartridges) and giving away stuff (hunks of websites and storage - facebook, instagram).  eBay's data center expertise is still one of the best around and HP's solid infrastructure platforms- switching, servers, management - and engineering are still extremely valuable commodities.

But, sigh, I'm only a vendor and user of technology.  And what do I know anyway?

Thanks to Ashley Vance and Aaron Ricadella at Bloomberg Business Week
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