Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Health-care sector vulnerable to hackers

Health-care sector vulnerable to hackers, researchers say - The Washington Post

The term "low hanging fruit" comes to mind and the health care sector will soon become the new target for hacking and intrusions.

Health Information Technology (HIT) is the emerging focus of the healthcare industry as healthcare service providers join "hubs" and other gateways that will facilitate the exchange of patient, service, and care information.
Just imagine that there will be an ability to have your health records in the hands, immediately, of an EMT crew dispatched to a serious automobile accident in which you are a victim.  And then imagine that the trauma team at the hospital will have similar information immediately so that when you arrive, valuable time will be saved in deciding a triage and treatment plan for you.  And then the summary information, tests, and other records from that event will be available to your general practitioner after discharge.

Great ideas, but still in development and now, part of the landscape of targets for the bad guys.

The beat goes on in 2013!

Thanks to Robert O'Harrow, Jr. and the Washington Post
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