Sunday, January 27, 2013

Microsoft Surface -with RT -sales poor

Microsoft Surface sales not expected to top 600,000 this quarter | PCWorld

Playing catch-up is usually difficult, especially for a company that formerly owned market share on the desktop.  But times are different and the options available to  customers have changed their preferences in a relatively short period of time.

Apple is feeling it too as fourth quarter figures for them show that the iPad has, indeed, cut into their laptop sales.

And why is this important to you and me?  Simply because we consumers and pros alike need to know in what direction the wind is blowing.  When I look at my anemometer (wind gauge to the uninitiated) I see smaller  devices.  And personally, I really like my new Samsung Galaxy Note II.  I dont carry either of my tablets daily any longer.  Just like I only occasionally carry a laptop.


Thanks to Jared Newman and PC World
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