Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Chromebook challenges Windows laptops AND Surface

Rise of the Chromebook: Lenovo is the latest to challenge Windows laptops | The Verge

With so many choices out there, the computing landscape is becoming really cluttered.

As the attache post suggests, what to do?  What you get is either too big, too small, to expensive, or limited for some of the things I want to do.

Here's my take and apologies to all you Apple fans.  These things are tools - that just happen to become obsolete every couple of years.  So the thought of buying the most expensive tool has always griped me.  Now, understand, I have good, expensive tools that I've owned for thirty or forty years.  So, whenever there's a comparable option on the market that is more cost effective I choose it.

That is why devices like the Chromebook make good sense.  But so did SUSE desktop five years ago.  The trouble then was that there were too many necessary enterprise applications that needed Windows.  Few if any needed MacOS as it was then.  But now, as the authors suggest, there are few things that aren't web apps or web-based and accessible.

Obviously if you can afford the most expensive tools and replace them every couple of years then Apple is in the ballgame.  Otherwise there continue to been alternatives that are more than just cheap substitutes.

Thanks to Tom Warren and The Verge

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