Monday, March 25, 2013

Mobile Malware is Alive and Well

2013 Mobile Malware Report.pdf

"Mobile threats are still largely mischiefware – they have not yet broken the device’s security model but are instead more focused on for-pay texting scams or stealing personal information.

The most successful mobile malware tactics, including scams, spam and phishing, are classics that dominated the threat landscape when malware first moved to the web. These device-agnostic, easy-to-deploy attacks provide a natural crossover point for cybercriminals that are interested in launching attacks against mobile devices.

Pornography is proving to be the great weakness for mobile users. While mobile users don’t go to pornographysites often, when they do, the risk of finding malicious content is nearly three times as high as any other behavior.

While relatively small compared to desktops threats, the mobile threat landscape is becoming active. Malnets,the infrastructures that successfully drove nearly two thirds of all web-based attacks in 2012, are setting their sights on mobile users. To date, 40 percent of mobile malware blocked by WebPulse has originated from known malnets.

Extending security to mobile devices will be essential for businesses that need to protect their assets as well as their employees. Cybercriminals see the value in these targets as businesses continue to adopt BYOD initiatives, and businesses need to be prepared in 2013."

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