Thursday, April 11, 2013

Can Windows 8 be saved?

Windows 8: Can this OS be saved? | ZDNet

The handwriting is on the wall.  We blogged about it numerous times last year and we're usually fairly positive about the outlook for Microsoft.  After all, they're Microsoft after all.  But the signs are ALL bad.  Tablets are in, at least for folks who don't really need a full-featured computer or who are upgrading old hardware.  The funky app-style interface is probably pre-mature, given the immaturity of many tablet apps anyway.  The missing "start" button may be the last straw for many corporate or enterprise users.  And having to drag into the corner to get a search box and then having to "remember" the former feature you need - like control panel or networking - just takes too many steps and is just kludgy.

Sorry for the obituary.  There's still a breath, but barely.

Thanks to ZDNet
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