Saturday, April 27, 2013

Google Glass Rocks!

Robert Scoble: “I’m never going to live another day without a wearable computer on my face” - The Next Web


We guess that the jury is not in yet.  And for good reason.  Beyond the infatuation of this potentially disruptive technology there are a host of equally potential obstacles.  Here's a brief list that come to mind:

Potential for addiction
Disruption of existing infrastructure - think displays

And, according to Google CEO  Eric Schmidt:

"Talking out loud to control the Google Glasses via voice recognition is "the weirdest thing," Schmidt said in a talk on Thursday at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

People will have to develop new etiquette to deal with such products that can record video surreptitiously and bring up information that only the wearer can see, Schmidt said.

"There are obviously places where Google Glasses are inappropriate," he said. " 

Thanks to The Next Web
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