Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Could Aging Data Be Corrupting Your Business Processes?

Could Aging Data Be Corrupting Your Business Processes?

This explains the a phone call you get from a rep or vendor to sell you something you bought from them three months ago.

Although it seems simple, we have always relied upon human anecdotal reporting to validate what the systems are telling us.  This is kinda like the physical inventory public companies take annually to validate or correct the financial information in the ERP system. 

  • How often the data is accessed — hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The importance of the operation using the data, is it mission critical, is it for a direct mail campaign, or end of month financial reporting?
  • The cost of monitoring the data. What are the human operator, process, software license, and equipment costs?
  • Operational impact of monitoring the data. The strategist needs to consider the impact of assessing production data during daily operations, and the effect of the process on operations staff. The level of test automation and the need for the test results will be some of the parameters around monitoring operational data.
This stuff puts me to sleep, but may save your butt if you are responsible for validation.

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