Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dell USB Android "Stick" Computer- Project Ophelia

Dell Project Ophelia Release Date 

At a time when Dell is struggling, its new gadget codenamed "Ophelia" will certainly turn some heads and attract attention.

But, plug your "Ophelia" into a TV and compute?  Hmm.

"As Mims writes, Dell is working on a projected currently called “Ophelia” that is “a complete, self-contained PC” that also happens to be as big as a USB thumb drive. But the killer feature of Ophelia is that it uses “virtual instances of… operating systems running in the cloud” to give users access to “Windows, Mac OS, Google’s Chrome OS, Dell’s custom cloud solutions, Citrix cloud software, and even Google’s Chrome OS.” Let’s take a step back and think about what this really means. If you plug Ophelia into a flat-panel television, it will connect to the nearest Wi-Fi network and give you access to any type of operating system or app that is running virtually somewhere in the cloud. "

In my limited experience (now more than 40 years of it) there are a couple of obstacles:

I/O - TVs don't have touchscreens - Yet.
Most TVs don't have USB input
Cloud "instances" of OSes will develop over time, but currently are "rough" at best.

And being first (at anything) is usually very dangerous.  But I've been wrong before.

Thanks to Brad Reed and BGR (His blog I think)
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