Thursday, July 25, 2013

Email is getting really ugly!

Its time for a rant!

Email has gotten totally out of hand.  I'm just an independent player in the technology field and I now need an assistant just to "process" my email every day.  I've set-up rules and filters and schemes to simplify and automate most of the necessary stuff that I may want to review each day.

It all came to a head a few weeks ago when I caught a bad cold (actually became walking pneumonia).  So I was a bit distracted from my usual daily routine of "processing" my emails.  So they grew and grew and grew.  Thousands, mind you, in multiple accounts.  And I've never really recovered (from email glut),

But I got a clue from one of my oldest email accounts - Yahoo mail.  Its the one with the least critical stuff that I might need, if only because I set it up more than ten years ago.  Now it does contain a whole bunch of automated messages from the electronic greeting card company that I used when I started a company a few years back.  So when I noticed that I was still being charged an annual fee (on a company credit card) for the service) I looked at my Yahoo mail, found the multiple renewals, and fixed the problem.  The reason I have chosen this old account as the model for solving today's email flood is that it contained the fewest messages of all my accounts - only a few thousand - and the most useless to boot.  Mind you, this isn't an indictment of Yahoo mail, its only one method for solving the problem.  But now I switch today's attention to Yahoo mail, use it to register for all those new apps and trials that I MUST do today and voila, my life is better.  Right!

The solution to email glut is NOT to just open a bunch of new accounts.  I tried that and now I have multiple accounts to groom and remember and track.  Phew!

I haven't resorted to hotmail or one of the "secret" email services that protect my "real" identity (thank heaven).  But I did find a way to spoof Gmail into giving me multiple accounts that don't wack the cookies on my laptop browser.

And then there's that nagging feeling that some important person, friend, client, or - investor - is trying to find me on one of the emails that I set-up yesterday.  But which one?

If you've been there and done that, please COMMENT here.

Thanks for reading.

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