Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Long the IOS7 Update Will Take To Complete

"After a much-anticipated wait the iOS 7 release nearly here. With iOS 7, iPhone and iPad users will have access to a totally revamped home screen, new features like control center, and a lot of other neat improvements. Besides the obvious new additions there are also a lot of under the hood security improvements that make upgrading a good idea."

"If you have the iPhone 4 or newer or iPad 2 and up, your device is capable of running iOS 7. The upgrade process is a fairly simple one to complete but the amount of time that it takes depends on several things. One of the biggest factors is the internet connection you use to download iOS 7. If you have a good internet connection it will help the upgrade process go at least a bit easier

iOS7 Update Info

Thanks to GottaBeMobile

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