Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 vs. 928: Spec Showdown

Nokia Lumia + Windows 8

Nokia quietly unveiled the Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless last week, but one-upped itself this morning when it took the wraps off of its Lumia 925 at an event in London. Which phone is better? Well, that largely depends on you. What do you prefer: Aluminum or plastic?

Lumia 928

Folks are raving about the image quality of the new Nokia phones.  

But I am still conflicted by Windows 8 on the phone.  For those of us used to Android or OSX on the phone may need a bit of training to use Windows 8.  I know I was baffled when I first encountered Windows 8 on an Ultrabook earlier this year.  No one had warned me that the "Start" button was gone or that it came with Windows 8 Home (which is Domain averse). 

360 view of Nokia Lumia 925
Lumia 925

But let's give it a chance is my motto, especially since all the major carriers have adopted the upgrade now policy for most customers.

I'd keep your eyes open at this point since the camera is amazing and Nokia/Microsoft's anticipation of the coming "new media" integration of TV content - streamed or stored - is worthy of serious note.

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