Sunday, November 24, 2013

Apple Acquires Kinect

Is this important?

Apple Acquires Kinect

Seems to be, since they originally had a relationship with Microsoft who used it with their XBox 360 game systems.  Now that MS is developing the capability in-house, Kinect and their parent PrimeSense seem to make sense (no pun intended) for Apple.

And the whole "Internet of Things" idea gains even more momentum as current devices become used more for home control and other yet to be thought of purposes on our person, in our homes and offices, on our streets, and in our communities.  That's a stretch for XBox 360, but for Apple, who aren't a player - yet - for gaming, the skys the limit I guess.

The current, popular television series, Person of Interest, gives us a futuristic glimpse into a few of the possibilities, although the "master" computer is only an idea (as far as anyone knows).

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