Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Antivirus Deal

Wow!  This in NOT a commercial message, although it will seem like one.

Came up on my annual renewal for antivirus/spam/malware for my laptop and office workstation.  And just for kicks, I googled "Top 10 Antivirus"

The curious part is the there are a variety of opinions with vastly different results.  But at the top of most reviews was Bitdefender.  When I clicked on it I got a "Black Friday" special.

That's only a part of this story.  Overnight or without my really noticing, many of the nagging issues that plague desktop and laptop computer have been addressed by Bitdefender - and I assume by a host of others.  But my current antivirus - which will remain unnamed - is still locked in the antivirus/antispam mode that I have been used to for years.  And they want $90 to renew for 2014.
So I jumped ship and purchased Bitdefender Total Security FOR $22 (three computers).

After buying online and downloading here's what I now have - for good or for bad.  (I haven't experienced its behavior and features yet.)

ID Theft Protection
Parental Control
Facebook Protection
Digital Wallet

In addition to Antivirus, Antispam, and Malware protection.

I must say, their eCommerce site was VERY confusing, but I took a chance on the special offer for one year and so far am AMAZED.

Because there are many issues surrounding 21st Century computing, especially Internet access, identity theft, multi-device useage and centralized data access, as well as keeping track of passwords and private information.

Happy Black Friday everybody!

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