Friday, November 22, 2013

Dell and Windows 8 on a Tablet Just in Time For the Holidays

Some ground rules for today's blog:
  • I'm not a strong Dell supporter - usually
  • I don't professionally review hardware
  • This is one tech-pro's opinion
  • The holiday season gets me thinking about gift-giving

All that said, I have a nagging feeling that Microsoft is on the way to catching-up in the technology eco-system business.  And this recent offering from their collaboration with Dell is a great example of why it will work.

The convergence of work and home, personal and professional, and proprietary/BYOD computing is still very much a work in progress.

The primary home, personal, and BYOD players are Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.
The primary work, professional, and proprietary players are Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, IBM,  and to a lesser extent, VMWare, Citrix, HP, and a few others.

Compare the lists and you immediately notice that Microsoft is on both lists.  Their only weak link is in theWindows Store ecosystem and the adoption of RT into the development plans of other third-party tablet and smartphone makers.  Nokia is an obvious immediate place to look.

Dell Venue Pro 8 inch tablet

Thanks to Paul Thurrott
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