Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reposting Reblogging Republication and Now Curating

I started my online career as a re-poster.  Some might call it re-blogging.  It is considered by respectable journalists to be lower than respectable.  After all, we who do it are only supporting - or sometimes challenging - another's point of view on a topic rather than always creating totally original content.

My take on it is that we are all participating in a conversation by using new technology that permits the instantaneous connecting of ideas and topics across a worldwide network of unrelated interests.  By connecting them, a "new" synthesis of possibilities is created.  And then the future discovery of these connections continues to feed the same potential generation of intellectual capital.

In the old days, articles and books were published and then relegated to archives in libraries and repositories where a more limited number of people might be able to find them, but only if their search activities are deliberate and purposeful.  We used to call it research (re-search, get it?)

Today Google and other search engines accomplish the searches instantly and we connect with information from hundreds of sources in a few seconds.

And then there's republishing (or republication) (which sounds like some politically engaging activity).   Its all the same thing really, although not plagiarism, unless we take anothers actual words and use them as if they were ours.

Now we have curating.  And that sounds much much better than re-blogging or re-posting.  In fact, I think I will have a new business card made and give myself the title of curator.  It just sounds soooo respectable.

I found "curating" while cruising around the Internet one day and finding scoop.it .  Now I have the option of using a service to re-post and re-blog my stuff.  Before I had to find my own tools to accomplish what they now have organized under the scoop.it moniker.

Thanks for the opportunity to get this stuff off my chest.  And now to curate it!

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