Friday, January 17, 2014

350,000 Bad Ads Last Year on Google

I am beginning to think that its time to get a handle on the size and scope of the Cloud (Internet), just in case any of us are still living in a closeted dream world.

Apologies if I am threatening your sensibilities.

THE CLOUD IS HUGE!  The enormity of the "Cloud" is one purpose of this blog that hasn't changed over the past three years I have been doing it.

Now to the 350,000 bad ads.

"In the ongoing battle to keep its ads ecosystem free of scammers and malware, Google says it pulled more than 350 million bad ads from its systems last year, up 59 percent from the 224 million it struck down in 2012."

Bad Ads on Google

Just for Giggles, here's a summary of this week's activity on my personal laptop which I use about two hours per day:

File Scan:  1.8 million scanned files

Application Scan:  4000 scanned applications

Web Scan:  32000 scanned web pages.  6 Blocked web pages

Vulnerability Scan: 42 detected vulnerabilities.  32 fixed

Source:  Bitdefender Total Security

All of a sudden 350,000 bad ads seems like the tip of the iceberg.
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