Monday, January 13, 2014

The Internet of Things Won't Arrive in 2014

As if "IT" could.

Treating the Internet of Things as an object or event or moment in time is a bit rediculous.  Apologies to the author of this post, but we are currently more "connected" than we were one year or 5 years ago.  And we will continue to become more and more connected as each new year passes.

WE ARE THE INTERNET OF THINGS when we add a cookie, post a like on Facebook, buy a new smartphone.


Connectedness involves intent.  The cameras at 7-11 are installed to prevent crime and protect the store's inventory and assets.  But when we allow ourselves to be recorded entering and leaving the store, most of that do it with a benign intent that is framed with a touch of morality and honesty.

And most don't object about the camera, just like we don't object when Facebook uses our posts, profiles, and reactions as entertainment for its other users.

The Internet of Things Won't Arrive in 2014

Thanks to Bill Snyder at InfoWorld
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