Friday, January 31, 2014

What it Takes to Build a Cloud Organization in 2014

"Many enterprises planning a move to cloud-based systems believe a huge disruptive change in the IT organization is required as part of that shift. They call it "building a cloud organization." I blame this disruptive mentality mostly on the ongoing press coverage that calls for "the end of IT as we know it" or other silly events that won't happen.
Any time the analysts or press project absolutes, their predictions never seem to pan out. In the world of IT, we evolve. We don't suddenly shift."

Disruptive technologies are always a big deal and usually take a while to stick.  We've witnessed the virtual death of the newspaper as we knew it, the typewriter, the switchboard, and now the company data center.

But wait!  The current move to the cloud is more of a transformation than disruption.  The modernization of various pieces of the information systems infrastructure continues to require systems analysis, perimeter controls, security protection, and performance monitoring in order to integrate remote resources.

The extent to which organizations change still depends upon the ROI (return on investment) and the company's appetite for change.

Building a Cloud Organization in 2014

Thanks to David Linthicum and InfoWorld
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