Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Windows 8.1 Update Due in April

Windows 8.1 Update Due in April

I am still baffled by the whole Windows 8 thing.  But the O/S is finally growing on me after more than a year.  And only a company like Microsoft could develop something so completely objectionable and still succeed.  Part of it is due to the impending expiration of Windows XP support.  The rest is due to their vision, YES VISION, that the integration of their mobile with desktop strategy was their only hope, yes ONLY HOPE for their survival.

Fortunately for them innovation is dead these days, except, probably, for Google glasses. And they like the new display watches require a "host" of some kind.  And that host might be? ? ?

I suggest that we all stay tuned, at least through the next couple of rounds of change.

Thanks to The Verge
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